Andri White
Integrative Psychotherapist MSc Accred Member of UKCP, Metanoia Institute, MBACP and EMDR UK & IRELAND


When your once loving relationship starts to go wrong and any attempt to talk about it quickly turns into a shouting match, it is time to seek help from a qualified relationship counsellor or psychotherapist. Although some partners need a lot of persuading to come along too, it is worth it as the fastest progress is made if you both come along. It is, after all, a partnership and you are both impacted by the other. Working together and with a therapist takes the blame out of the relationship, making it safer to look at how you are responding to each other. However, if your partner flatly refuses to come, there may still be changes you can make on your own that will improve the situation.


The overall aim of working with the relationship is to try to unravel the build up of complex emotions and responses that have developed over time which are causing so much pain and disruption.

The focus of work is on the interface, the space between two people, where they make contact with each other. The objective is to learn how each impacts on the other, without judgement, in order to find new ways of relating to each other.

Small changes can make big differences.

I provide a safe enough environment where couples can begin to talk openly and honestly and to really hear each other.


Working with a trained and impartial relationship counsellor or psychotherapist makes the complex process of exploring and unravelling the problems safer and more effective than trying to do it alone or with family or friends. Without a professional guide you will probably end up where you started with the same old hurts and angers rising up from the same painful circular arguments.

Learning to understand more deeply about yourself and your partner and how you respond to each other can be the most useful exercise you will ever do. This work can also help you in all your relationships


If you think working with your partner could be a useful way forward, feel free to contact me for more information.

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